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35+ Years of Faceting Experience

Our History goes back some 35 years when a dedicated team worked tirelessly to create the foundations of how we operate today. The current successful quarterly workshop format was adopted at Beechworth back in 1989. The experience that our facetors have gained over the years is simply priceless.

Our Contrast &

Our Differences

  • Dedicated Instructors

    Our team of dedicated instructors are always on hand at our Workshops. Along with other members, they are willing to assist whenever they are needed. With their vast experience, you can feel confident that their guidance will help you in your faceting journey and endeavours.

  • Our Workshops

    Regular Workshops are held in different locations throughout regional Victoria, giving our members plenty of opportunities to enjoy their faceting. And, our members have a vast range of knowledge, and always ready to help. Visitors are most welcome, so please feel free to check us out.

  • Our Competitions

    Our carefully crafted faceting Competitions are run throughout the year and are suited towards any level of experience. Even the beginner can strive towards the standard of excellence by participating in Competitions that are made available. They are made just for you to excel in.

  • Our Members

    You will find that our Members have a wealth of knowledge to share whether it is about cutting facets, polishing, or even how to fix a faceting machine. They are always ready to help whenever you need a hand. Our Members will undoubtedly make you feel most welcome and at home.

Fees - (AU$)

Our Plans

You will be delighted to hear that our membership plans cater for people of all ages, from 16 years and upwards. Our Annual Membership Fees are kept very affordable and are renewable each year. Annual membership entitlements include a copy of the quarterly newsletter, 'MeetPoint'. A small workshop fee is payable to help cover the cost of hall hire for those attending our Workshops.

  • Adult


    If you are the only adult in the family who wishes to become a member, then this is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to go. Please check out our other membership plans options too.

  • Joint Membership


    Joint Membership is the best choice if you wish to join with your spouse or partner. The quarterly newsletter will be shared as you're living at the same address. Additional Adults may join at a discounted rate.

  • Student


    Our Student Plan offers an affordable solution for students, and children of 16 yrs and over. We also encourage families with younger children. So, please contact us, and we will be delighted to help.

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Our Members have always had wonderful things to say about the Victorian Facetors' Group Inc. Here is just a glimpse of what they are saying about us, and our workshops.

Our Faceters with Outstanding Awards

Did you know that 'competitions' provide an excellent opportunity to improve your skills at faceting? We offer a vast range of carefully crafted competitions to do just that. A testament to this is that our members are continually winning many Faceting Awards around the country. These Awards range from International, National, State, and even Club level Competitions. It is so pleasing seeing so many VFG members amongst the names of the winners of Faceting Awards and Trophies. These Awards have certainly put the VFG onto the map!

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