Traralgon Workshop

Better yet, see us in person!

The Victorian Facetors' Group invites you to come along and join us at our next workshop. Therefore, this gives you a great opportunity to meet our members, and to see faceting and the art of 'Cutting and Polishing' of gemstones in real action.

You will find that our facet workshops are most friendly, and there is always a cup of coffee on hand to enjoy.

Feel free to visit us at any time at our next faceting groups Workshop. We are certain, you'll be glad that you did!

Visitors are always welcome!

Location - Tandara Caravan Park.

9 Village Avenue, Traralgon Victoria 3844, Australia

0487 283 598

Dates and Times

  • Friday       21st February   (2 pm - 9 pm)
  • Saturday  22nd February   (8 am - 9 pm)
  • Sunday     23rd February   (8 am - 9 pm)
  • Monday    24th February   (8 am - Until Noon)

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Many people learn to facet at a local gem club or lapidary club by completing a faceting course and by using the clubs faceting machine.  This introduction to faceting will usually cover the necessary skills to cut a faceted stone that will often cut in quartz.

The Victorian Facetors' Group provides an ideal next step to learn more about faceting gemstones. Our Workshops will also help to and to expand your knowledge of different types of facet rough, cutting techniques, polishing, and the use of laps.

You may also be at the stage of doing some research about which faceting machine to purchase ultimately. Other Victorian facetors that attend any of our faceting workshops use a wide variety of machines and will be more than happy to share their advice and experiences about the particular faceting machine that they use.

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