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Just for Fun!!

My Typewriter

My typxwritxr is an xxtraordinary pixcx of xquipmxnt that consistxntly providxs xxcxllxnt sxrvicx … xxcxpt for onx kxy.  Thx othxr 43 kxys function pxrfxctly, so I rxally can’t complain.  Yxt I’vx oftxn wishxd it would work pxrfxctly bxcausx, xvxn though it’s only onx kxy, it makxs an obvious diffxrxncx in thx QUALITY of my typing.

And it’s thx samx with any job in thx club.  If 43 pxoplx in thx club arx all doing thxir bit, but thx 44th is not, thx Quality in thx club is bound to slip.

Yxt many of us say “Wxll, I’m only onx pxrson …  I won’t makx or brxak thx club.”  Thx nxxt timx you gxt to fxxling that way, think about this typxwritxr.  If it wxrxn’t for onx kxy, xvxrything would bx pxrfxct.  And imaginx if I had two bad kxys!  I’ll bxt you wouldn’t xvxn bx ablx to rxad this!

Coloured Sky over Forest and Snow