Group Activities & Gemstone Photos

About our Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery contains photos of Group Activities including some of our workshops. Also, we have a number of other photos that are related to faceting in some way, such as an assortment of various cut stones, cut from faceting designs and numerous types of faceting machines.

As they say, a picture can tell a thousand words, and we hope that you enjoy browsing through the gallery of photos to give you an insight as to what the Group is all about. It is hoped that over time, we will be able to add many more photos to our collection as they become available. We will try to include more workshop photos as time goes by, and of course, if someone happens to take one for us. If you happen to be a member, and good with a camera, then please let us know.

Member’s photos of Group Activities and Gemstone photos may be submitted for inclusion in our Photo Gallery by contacting the Secretary or the Webmaster.  Group Activities photos may include, close up action shots of faceting, Workshop Memories, and even photos of your finished stones that you have cut. A photo description or caption should also be provided prior to approval and publishing.

New photos will be included from time to time as they become available. Therefore, we encourage you to keep an eye out for them by coming back soon.

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