Faceting Workshops - Dates 2020/21

Traralgon Workshop 2020

21st - 24th February 2020

Tandara Caravan Park.

Shepparton Workshop 2020

15th - 18th May 2020

Kialla Scout Hall - 7km South of Shepparton.

Horsham Workshop 2020

8th - 10th August 2020

Haven Hall - 5km Sth Horsham.

Marong Workshop 2020

20th - 23rd November 2020

Marong Community Hall

Traralgon Workshop 2021

19th - 22nd February 2021

Tandara Caravan Park.

Details Available Soon!

(After the next Facet Workshop)

Faceting Workshops | General Information

About Our Workshops

A typical Workshop with many members bringing their faceting machines to use.

The Victorian Facetors’ Group promotes the faceting of natural and human-made gemstones and the enjoyment of this wonderful hobby.

Whether you are a member of a gem-club or not, or an old hand or even a novice facet cutter, we will help take your faceting skills to the next level.


A cut and polished Citrine cut in the Standard Brilliant design.

Our Group meets four times a year in different locations across Victoria running four-day Faceting Workshops.

The object is to give as many members as possible the chance to attend a workshop and get together with like-minded facetors in a very supportive and welcoming environment.

Workshop Dates

Polishing the Table of a gemstone on a polishing lap.

Faceting Workshops are usually held as follows:

3rd Weekend in February

3rd Weekend in May

2nd Weekend in August

3rd Weekend in November

Full details and what we do is in our Newsletter that we publish quarterly.

What We Do

Polishing the pavilion of a gemstone using a type-metal lap.

Bring your own faceting machine and divide your time between faceting, and sharing advice, and participating in some friendly discussion sessions. Alternatively, call in for a coffee or two, and find out how others facet gem rough into a real masterpiece.

Perhaps you're contemplating the purchase of your first faceting machine?

We usually have a variety of models in operation so you can compare them, and also have a chat with the owners.

Learning Skills

Inspecting a polished facet with a 10X hand loupe.

Come and see how others facet gems and what gems they are cutting. Learning is about the experience and sharing with others. There are always experienced people on hand if you need help – And help is always willingly provided.

Expand your Interest in Faceting

Our Workshops are designed for people of all ages, and for any level of skill, and you can enjoy faceting stones in a most friendly environment.

Visitors Welcome

A pair of faceted stones suitable for earrings.

Visitors and prospective new members are always welcome to any of our Workshops. You may attend for the entire four days. Alternatively, you may prefer just to come and visit for a few hours or even a couple of days.

Click the button below to contact us, and find out more about the Victorian Facetors' Group.