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Are you interested in Faceting Techniques, Faceting Workshops, or even Faceting Competitions, or are you looking for some machine advice or secrets about gemstone cutting and polishing? Do you have a question or story about your faceting successes or failures?

If any of these apply to you, we invite you to Post a few lines on our Blog and share your faceting experiences with us. Please share your faceting story here. We’d love to hear about your journey with faceting!

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The Aim of Blog-News

To share Faceting related Topics of Interest and the latest News with others. Also, to encourage the participation of others by submitting comments to the Blog Posts.

Be Inspired

Many topics may inspire you to blog about, and some of these may do just that.

  • The experience you gained from attending a Workshop.
  • Something that you have learned, and would like to share it with others.
  • Working with gemstones that are difficult to cut or polish.
  • How to get the most out of your faceting laps.
  • How Competitions helped you to cut a better stone.
  • Am I good enough to enter a competition?
  • What you like about your faceting machine.
  • Fossicking for that perfect gem to cut.
  • Check out more Inspiration Ideas Here.

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Who can Blog?

Anyone can use this Blog for Faceting related topics.  We also encourage our Members to Blog if they wish to do so.

Is my Blog or comment appropriate?

Let us know what you would like to Blog and comment about, and we will advise you.  If your submitted Blog or comment isn't approved, we will also let you know.

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